Nutcase Helmet Fitting Guide and Size Chart

Step 1: Measurement

Measure your nogginPlace a tape measure slightly above the ear and bring it across the mid forehead completely circling the head about 1 inch above the eyebrows.

Do this 2 or 3 times to double check that you have the largest measurement. If you do not have a tape measure, use string and then a rule to measure the string.

With your largest measurement compare it to the size charts below for Street helmet sizing.

Step 2: Wearing the helmet or trying on

Incorrect FittingIf you're in a store and you've determined your size in Step 1, try it on and adjust the straps. Now ensure the helmet sits level on the head and does not slide or move freely when you move your head side-to-side. If it moves, the helmet is too large. Change out the internal foam pads to a thicker set to provide a snug fit. Please ask us for assistance with fitting and we will be more than happy to help.

Test it side-to-side again and do the push test: When someone places a palm to your forehead they should not be able to push the helmet backwards off your head.

If changing to thicker pads still does not help, you may need to try one size smaller. Once again adjust straps and internal foam pads for fit and do the same test side-to-side roll and push test.

If you are buying from our website, please follow Step 1 very carefully and make the correct strap and foam adjustments as soon as your helmet arrives to ensure it fits correctly.

Important: Do not allow a toddler or child to ride without making these strap and foam adjustments. For Little Nutty, ensure the Spin Dial adjustment is also made.

Step 3: Proper fit

Correct FitThe front of the helmet must sit above the brow and the back of the helmet must not touch the nape of your neck.

The chin strap should be snug but not too tight that it causes discomfort or choking.

Securely fasten the chin strap and try to roll the helmet off your head. If the skin on your forehead moves slightly, you have a good fit.

The side straps should be adjusted to form a clean triangle encompassing each ear area.

Read about helmet safety and safety standards on the Nutcase website.

LMNOP have also put together a sizing guide with handy photos on their blog here.

Little Nutty & Street Size Chart (Gen2 and Classic) 

Little Nutty and Street Helmet Size Chart

Fitting video: