Yellow Penny Nickel 27" Complete Skateboard - 2012

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RRP: $199.00
Our Price: $159.00
In Stock: 
In store and online

What bearings would you like?

Do you want bearing lube or a cleaning kit?

Would you like any Penny sticker panels on the bottom of your board?

Please choose what colour base plate you would like (the part that attaches the axle to the board)

Please choose the colour trucks you would like fitted to your board (Silver/Raw is standard).

Please select the colour wheels you wish to order.

Do you want a skate tool?

Would you like a spare set of wheels?

Quick Overview

Penny Completes are an exciting re-issue of the 1970's style plastic, injection molded skateboards. The Nickel is 5” longer and 1.5“ wider than the original 22" Penny skateboard. All this while maintaining the trademark maneuverability and flex that makes Penny Skateboards so much fun.

Combined with the highest quality components the Nickel is a ride that has to be felt to be believed