Ollie USA Six Shooter 100mm Red and Black Scooter Wheel with Bearings (Individual)

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  • INCLUDES Ollie USA ABEC 9 bearings for a limited time!
  • Super High Rebound hand poured urethane for smoother ride
  • Mechanically bonded to the core
  • Solid, lighweight aluminium core
  • 60-day warranty against dehubbing or splitting

Wheels sold individually.

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Quick Overview

One of the best metal core wheels on the market. The Ollie USA core is forged from a single block of top grade aluminium, and the polyurethane is hand poured at ultra high temps to give a super soft feel. The urethane is mechanically bonded to the core, which means it'll never dehub or split...and if it does dehub within 60 days then Ollie USA will replace the scooter wheel free of charge! If speed and durability are what you want, then this is your scooter wheel.