Silver Trucks

Get The Original Raw Silver 4" Penny Nickel Skateboard Trucks

We've got in a number of the original raw silver 4" Penny skateboard trucks released on the first generation of Penny Nickel 27" plastic skateboards.

These trucks will fit any Penny Nickel as a drop in replacement and feature the same super soft yellow bushings you have come to know and love on all Penny boards.

Check them out HERE:

Raw and Purple Funk Caliber Longboard Trucks Are Here

Raw Silver and Purple Funk Caliber Longboard Trucks have arrived in store now and we have more colours on the way! 

Purple Funk is here in the fourty four 10" model and Raw is here in all 3 models, fourty four 10", fifty 10" and fifty 9".

Haven't tried them yet? These trucks are optimised for carving, featuring ultra-high rebound 89a bushings in a barrel/cone combination on the 10" models and double cone combination on the 9" models.

Check them out below and grab yourself a set for your longboard today, or stay tuned for more colours!

Caliber Fifty Raw 10" TrucksCaliber Fifty Raw 9" TrucksCaliber Fourty Four Raw 10" TrucksCaliber Fourty Four Purple Funk 10" Trucks

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