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Penny Skateboards 2012 Press Release

It might be April fools, but it's no joke, the 2012 Penny Skateboards range is here with the new 22" plastic skateboards arriving in store on Thursday last week, the full range of coloured 3" trucks, and new pink and purple wheels, there is stacks of gear to make your board truly unique (not forgetting the coloured Gumball bolts, and new sticker packs as well). Check out the official press release:

Pink and Purple Penny Wheels Have Just Arrived

New for 2012, the pink and purple super soft 59mm Penny Skateboard wheels have just arrived and look sick!

These wheels are still 78a and the same Penny shape you love, but with new colours to compliment your board, you can go nuts!

Check them out, available online, on custom boards, and in store now!

Pink Penny Skateboard Wheels Purple Penny Skateboard Wheels

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