Penny Trucks

Get The Original Raw Silver 4" Penny Nickel Skateboard Trucks

We've got in a number of the original raw silver 4" Penny skateboard trucks released on the first generation of Penny Nickel 27" plastic skateboards.

These trucks will fit any Penny Nickel as a drop in replacement and feature the same super soft yellow bushings you have come to know and love on all Penny boards.

Check them out HERE:

Swap the hanger on your Penny Skateboard for another one

Need to swap the hanger over on your Penny skateboard? Here's how (with lots of pictures)!

Red Penny 3" Trucks are here at last

At long last the red 3" Penny Skateboard Trucks have arrived. Get in and get yours today!

Red Penny Skateboard Trucks

Penny 3" Trucks In Stock Now

Penny Coloured 3" Trucks are in stock now in 6 colours:

Black Penny 3" TrucksPenny Purple 3" TrucksPenny Green 3" TrucksPink Penny 3" TrucksPenny White 3" TrucksPenny Yellow 3" Trucks

Red, blue and orange Penny 3" Trucks can be pre-ordered and stock should be available soon.

Blue Penny 3" Skateboard Trucks3" Orange Penny Skateboard TrucksRed Penny 3" Skateboard Trucks

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