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All New Riedell Dart Roller Skate Colours - Light Blue, Green and Purple

Three new Riedell Dart colours have arrived. These roller skates are now available in four colours: light blue, green and purple in addition the original black.

The boot construction remains the same, and all three new colours come with new wheels that feature matching hub colours.

Check out the photos below and stay tuned for a review on these entry level recreational cross derby skates from Riedell:

Riedell Dart Light Blue Roller SkatesRiedell Dart Green Roller SkatesRiedell Dart Purple Roller Skates

Riedell Dart Black Junior Derby and Recreational Roller Skates

Riedell, one of the world's leading roller skate manufacturers has for some time produced the number one entry level skate, the Riedell R3. They now bring to you the black Riedell Dart, a new entry level skate aimed at bringing the quality you expect to the junior derby and entry level recreational market in a more affordable skate.

These skates feature a synthetic leather boot and new Riedell Dart wheels, with the same Powerdyne Thrust Nylon plate and Midi Grippers that you can find on the more expensive Riedell R3 skates!

Find out more about it here!

Riedell Dart Black Roller Skates

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