Penny Marble and Nickel Marble Skateboards Coming Soon

Penny has just let us know about their new range of Penny Skateboards, the new Penny Marbles! Inspired by marbles, these boards feature colours swirled through their main colour, and no two decks are exactly the same pattern. These boards are due to arrive at the end of the month and come in both Penny and Nickel sizes in 2 colours!

The colours are white/red swirl, yellow/black swirl, white/green swirl and yellow/red swirl:

Penny Marble Colours

Check out the video below featuring these new boards and keep an eye out for them, stock arriving soon!

Z-Flex P.O.P - Pacific Ocean Pier Series Coming Soon

The latest range from Z-Flex Skateboards, the new P.O.P (Pacific Ocean Pier) series takes it back to the roots with gnarly spray graphic decks from a time in Venice Beach when skateboarding was in it's infancy. These boards are due to arrive at the end of the month!

Check out the video below featuring the legendary Jay Adams!

Just in, the new Stereo Wooden Vinyl Cruisers

Stereo's brand new Wooden Vinyl Cruiser's have just been released and are available now in 6 different colours. We have very limited quantities available, so make sure you get yours before they're gone!

These boards are 23" long, just marginally longer than the original Stereo Vinyl Cruiser, but made of 7 ply Canadian Maple. This gives you the next step up with the feel of a mini-cruiser, but the ability to do more tricks. Check out the vid below:

Your choice of colours:

Stereo Wooden Vinyl Cruiser - Black and OrangeStereo Wooden Vinyl Cruiser - Blue and WhiteStereo Wooden Vinyl Cruiser - Brown and WhiteStereo Wooden Vinyl Cruiser - Pink and PurpleStereo Wooden Vinyl Cruiser - White and RedStereo Wooden Vinyl Cruiser - Yellow and Green

Fliptech Scooters - Coming Soon!

The revolutionary new Fliptech Scooters have landed in Australia and will be in store soon, pre-order yours today!

Flip Tech Scooter - PurpleFlip Tech Scooter - Red

Developed in San Diego, California, the Flip Tech is a powerful new scooter with the ability to perform scooter flips and tricks, just like a skateboard. The deck design allows the scooter to flip, enablomg the rider to do a kick flip, similar to skateboarding. It also allows you to ride the deck on either side with a unique double brake system and do different flips.

Specifically designed components are mounted to a cantilevered bearing system, which is interchangeable with all scooter parts, so you can still change up your bars, forks, clamp, and wheels for your favourites. 

A spring-loaded ball bearing in the pin enables the scooter to be used like a regular scooter when the deck is flipped. The pin can be in or out, rotating, in spinning mode, or in locked mode, where it performs like a regular scooter.

Flip Tech Specs

  • Available in two colours: Red or Purple
  • Patented flipping and locking system
  • Flip Tech custom double head tube
  • First ever double sided concave
  • Double welded deck
  • Customised two sided brake system
  • 1 piece stainless Chromalloy bars 460(W) x 530(H)mm
  • Flip Tech 100mm billet wheels
  • Alloy triple clamp
  • Custom reinforced forks
  • Recessed two tone grip tape
  • Abec 9 bearings

Find out more on their website at

Penny Organic - Coming August 30th

Penny Organic Skateboards are due to arrive by the end of August for official release worldwide on the 30th of August.

Check out the new ad below and get in your pre-orders now, we'll be shipping them out immediately when stock arrives!

Penny Organic, the biodegradable plastic skateboards are available in 4 colours: brown, dark green, light green and grey.

Ryan Williams HIC and Bar Setup Tutorial

Ryan Williams from Madd Gear Pro takes you through removing your MGP scooter bars, clamp and compression system so you can change your forks, check out the video:

Bjorn Johnston's Theeve Trucks Pro Video

Bjorn Johnston, originally from New Zealand, has been riding here in Australia for Theeve for a little while now and at last, his pro trucks are here, hot on the heels of his pro Element deck!

Check out the video here or on Youtube!

An Introduction to Flat Track Roller Derby

Paul D. Piche has put together a video with the Hammer City Roller Girls giving you a run through of flat track roller derby in 2 minutes including the different roles, times, scoring points and more. If you are new to the sport, this is one of the clearest explanations of it that I've seen!

Convict City Roller Girls Promo Video

5 of the girls from the Convict City Roller Derby League have put together a parody video of Eye of the Tiger to bring in the 2012 season. Check it out, and if you are in the area, go see their first game of the season against Murder City's HomiciDolls.

The new Penny Hoverboard - Cruise on air (almost!)

The one and only Penny Hoverboard!

The new Penny Hoverboard has just been released! It takes the existing glow in the dark Penny deck and combines it with the new all black Penny trucks and glossy all black Penny wheels, making it look like you aren't riding on a skateboard at all, but a hoverboard (at night anyway). Check out the flyer and video from Penny of these rad boards. The trucks and wheels are almost invisible in the dark, leaving just the glowing deck on show. Just remember, the deck does need to be exposed to a light source and then taken into the dark before it glows.

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