Riser Pads

Green and Yellow Z-Flex Longboards Just Arrived

We've just received in fresh stock of a number of green and yellow Z-Flex Longboard models. We've also gotten in more Z-Flex 14mm riser pads. We've also got in stock blue, black and orange Z-Flex Longboards.

Green Z-Flex LongboardsYellow Z-Flex Longboards

Z-Flex Riser Pads

Z-Flex Z-Smooth Wheels, Raiser Blocks and Hardware Just Arrived

Z-Flex Z-Smooth 63mm Skateboard WheelsYesterday afternoon just before 5pm, a courier truck turned up with a stack of Z-Flex gear, including Z-Flex's 63mm Z-Smooth wheels in all colours, Z-Flex Raiser Blocks, and Z-Flex 1.5" Hardware.

That means this gear is all in stock and ready to go, including all colours of the legendary Z-Smooth wheels, red, orange, blue and clear!

Z-Flex Completes and Accessories Now Available

Z-Flex Jimmy Plumer Complete SkateboardsYou may have noticed over the past week that we've been putting up some of the Z-Flex Skateboard gear, including completes and accessories.

Now available are the Jimmy Plumer completes, including the Check longboard, the Jay Adams completes, and the range of 40" Z-Flex longboards in all colours!

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