Penny Skateboards

Winter Days Video by Miles

The newest Penny edit video by TheMiles6699, check it out:

5 Penny Tips and Tricks by PBA

The boys from PBA have put out a tips and tricks video featuring tips on:

  1. Penny Shuv
  2. Slides
  3. Ollie
  4. Grab Ollie
  5. Mix it up!

Check it out!

Penny Skateboard Edit 3 by PennyBoardsAustralia

The boys from Penny Boards Australia up at Maleny have put out their 3rd Penny Skateboard Edit. Check it out below or on Youtube:

Reflections - Penny Skateboard Edit

Check out the latest video from Miles on Youtube, Penny Skateboard Edit - Reflections!

Welcome Cory Duckett to the Penny Boards Australia Crew

PennyBoardsAustralia have put up a video featuring the newest member of their team, Cory Duckett. Check it out, Cory is the one with the blue Penny!

Another Vid from PennyBoardsAustralia

Another video from the boys in Maleny - Penny Boards Australia - before Lij's board was sadly run over by a car!

Penny's All Over The World

We've got Penny Skateboard pre-orders coming in from all over the world including to France, Germany, England, Canada, America, Argentina and Mexico! We ship to all these countries and heaps more, and I just came across this video of an orange Penny in Barcelona, Spain (we ship there too) by lassosk8!

Check it out!

Early Morning Penny Edit Video by PennyBoardsAustralia

Check out the latest video from Lij and Jye on the PennyBoardsAustralia Youtube channel!

It's an early morning video shot from 4am onwards out at Maleny, making for some fantastic lighting!

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