Early Skateboards

Hitting the slopes early!

Early Skateboards have put up a video of 6 year old Jaxon Rodgers hitting the hills, check it out, the board is just about as big as he is!!

What longboard wheels do you roll with?

Mathias Lessman Talks about the 36 Noodles

Early team rider Mathias Lessman talks about the 36" deck from Early Skateboards, the 36 Noodles deck.

It's a conventional shortboard but with a longer wheelbase, making it an ideal crossover board, great for both tricks, stand up slides and for that old school feeling.

Torbjorn Sunde talks about The Bomb

Early Skateboards team rider Torbjorn Sunde talks about The Bomb longboard.

It's low, it's stable, it's gnarly. Check out the video.

Olivier Bareaud talks about the Early Oz Team

Early Skateboard's team rider Olivier Bareaud talks about their #1 team rider longboard, the Oz Team.

This longboard has a lowered platform to give more control coming into corners by lowering your centre of gravity. Combine this with an angled nose and a flat tail to further increase stability and you've got a board that can easily handle 100km/h!

Austin Moncrieff talks about the Slalom Child

Early Skateboards team rider and manager Austin Moncrieff talks about the Early Slalom Child deck. The Slalom Child is designed to be great under foot when punching the cones and will pump easily with two different wheelbase options depending on your riding style.

Sebastian Lundmark Talks Arift

Early Skateboards Downhill Pro rider Sebastian Lundmark talks about the Arift complete. The Early Skateboards Arift was designed and tested by Aussie legend Adam Yates for stand up slides and drifting/railing corners.

Check out the video.

Early Blueys Go The Distance

Frenchman Bessiere Romain has just skated from Brisbane to Sydney on Early Bluey's Wheels. That's 730km! Check out the new ad for them below:

The Art of Bok Bok Styling

Early Skateboards have put up a new video featuring Austin Moncrief, "The Art of Bok Bok Styling".

Check it out below:

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