Jay Adams Tie Dye and Glow in the Dark Completes Just Arrived

We just got in a delivery today with fresh stock of the new Tie Dye and Glow in the Dark colourways of the Jay Adams Z-Flex completes. These boards look stunning and are selling fast at our current price of $178.95! The Glow in the Dark model especially is pretty sick!

Check them out and get in quick while we've got them in stock!

We've also just received in fresh stock of bearings including Bones Reds, Bones Super Reds, Bones Ceramic Super Reds, Bones Speed Cream and we've also got in Ricta White Natural wheels.

Jay Adams Tie Dye Complete Z-Flex SkateboardJay Adams Glow In The Dark Complete Skateboards

What can happen if your skateboard gets wet?

You should try and avoid getting your board wet at all, watch out for puddles and don't skate in the rain, but If your skateboard gets wet there are a number of things that it can affect, so you need to dry it out ASAP.

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