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Penny Bank 0.3 - New Swirl Penny Wheels

Issue 0.3 of the Penny Bank newsletter has been released, and with it a peak at new wheels in swirl colours. Check them out, including red/yellow, blue/yellow, green/purple and pink/black. Hopefully we'll know more about them soon!

Penny Bank 0.2 - Sneak a peek at the new Penny Trucks

Edition 0.2 of the Penny Bank has just been released, and with it, a sneak peek at new Penny Trucks that are not yet released in green, orange and white! Check it out.

Cruising New York with Chris Pastras and a pink Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

Take a cruise through Brooklyn, New York at dusk with Chris Pastras on his new pink Stereo Vinyl Cruiser as he enjoys the streets, grabs a new book, and has a pint to finish off the ride! 

California Dreaming with Clint Peterson on a Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

Follow Clint Peterson as he opens up his brand new yellow Stereo Vinyl Cruiser, gets a thumbs up from his dog Sadie, takes a cruise past the ladies, cops and hipsters in East Los Angeles, and finally meets up with Benny Fairfax and Chris Pastras for a sunset hill bomb. 

Fantastic Plastic Best Film Cash Grab Penny Competition

You may have seen it already via the Penny website, via Facebook, or if you bought a Penny recently, the majority of them have had a flyer attached to them promoting their Best Film Cash Grab competion.

A Closer View - Henwood Skate Park Construction

Steve from Powerhouse Music Wagga Wagga has sent through another photo of the Henwood Skate Park construction in Kooringal - check it out.

Subscribe to the Penny Bank & a Sneak Peek at the 3rd Generation Penny

The first issue of the Penny Bank, the official Penny newsletter has just been released, and with it, a sneak peek at the new, 3rd generation Penny Skateboard. Check it out by viewing the full article (The image is too big to show on our front page!).

New Skate Park Being Built at Henwood Park, Kooringal

Check it out, a new skate park is going in at Henwood Park on Lake Albert Rd in Kooringal. Great news for the skaters in Wagga Wagga as I'm sure you've noticed the skate park in Bolton Park is getting a bit over crowded at times!

Tyler Bonner on a Madd Gear Nitro

Check out Tyler Bonner and the new Madd Gear Purple Nitro scooter in the latest video from Madd Gear Scooters!

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