Now Selling Early Skateboards

Early Skateboards The Bomb Downhill LongboardOver the past week you may have noticed all of the Early Skateboards gear being put up on our site, we don't have any of it in stock yet, but we are now selling their gear, so keep an eye out for it as we will be placing an order soon!

I've heard good reports about their boards, and they look great! My personal favourite is The Bomb Complete, check it out!

So coming soon, we will have their completes, decks, wheels, pads, helmets and clothes.

Skate Park Teaser Videos on Youtube

I just noticed some preview videos of a new indoor skate park in North Brisbane.

I haven't had a chance to get up to Geebung to check it out yet, I'm not sure if it's even open! According to their website though, they are. If you get a chance to check it out, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. If you haven't been yet (like me), check out the teaser vid:

Big Bearings Delivery and Prices Reduced!

Buy Cheap Skateboard Bearings OnlineAs you may have noticed, we've just added a stack of bearings to the site, and we've got them all in stock ready to go! We've negotiated an excellent price on them, which means we can sell them to you at a reduced price and with free postage too, can you get any better than that?

Carver Skateboards and Longboards - Reduced Price!

Carver Cruiser LongboardYou may have noticed that the pricing on the Carver Skateboards and Longboards has recently changed, and for the better too.

Every Carver board is now $310 with CX style trucks, or $359.95 with C7 style trucks. That's a price drop of $65 on some models and up to $100 on other models (like the massive 42" Flowmaster!)

It's not just a sale either, this is a permanent price drop that is the result of cheaper import costs. This brings the Carver range into a more competitive price range, so if you want to give one a go, now is an excellent time!

We can also get individual Carver Decks now as well, not just the completes, so expect to see them online soon.

New Carver Longboards and Cruisers in Stock now!

Carver 30" Pig CruiserJust arrived, new stock from Carver! We got in the 30" Pig Surfskate, the 36" Cruiser Surfrider and the enormous 42" Flowmaster Surfrider, all complete with C7 front trucks and C2 rear trucks. These are some amazing boards, served well with your favourite cruising location. If you haven't used one yet, they are worth checking out.

Skate For Epilepsy

Help out Epilepsy Queensland this May by supporting Queensland's own Travis Smith in his Skate for Epilepsy. Starting on May 26 2010, Travis will be skateboarding from Brisbane City to Tweed to help raise money and awareness of epilepsy.

The skate also coincides with Epilepsy Queensland's awareness campaign that runs from May to June this year.

Jon Allie Raw Footage

Check it out, raw, unused, slow motion, different angles and bails from the one and only Jon Allie!

Carver Completes On The Way!

Carver completes are on the way! These amazing skateboards are just the thing if you want to be able to really surf without the water, or if the water is just too flat to bother getting out the surfboard.

The C7 style front truck provides additional turning power and makes your board behave just like a surfboard.

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