RollerBrights in stock - Light up your roller skates!

RollerBrights are here! Brought to us in Australia by Crazy Skates, each RollerBright kit comes with 2 LED strips, one for each skate and requires a 9V battery for each skate.

RollerBright Contents

Originally designed for roller skates, you can also use these on ice skates, inline skates, or anything else you want to add some light up flare to, even skateboards and longboards (just make sure they are out of the way of any tricks you are doing!). They are available in 6 colours including:

Check them out in the roller skate accessories section.

French ID Scooter Bars In Stock

We've just got in French ID scooter bars in two models, the mid range Steel Tree and top of the line VODK'ID. These bars are made in France by one of the top BMX handlebar manufacturers with quality second to none. Featuring built in clamps, these bars are light and strong, allowing you to do without the added weight of a clamp.

French ID Steel Tree One Piece Bars

French ID Steel Tree One Piece Bars


French ID VODK'ID One Piece Bars

French ID VODK'ID One Piece Bars



Long Stem Gumball Toe Stops Are Back

After a long wait with long stem Gumballs being unavailable for more than a month, they are back at last and we have stacks of stock available!

GRN MNSTR Gumball Toe Stop Long

Grn Mnstr's legendary Gumball toe stops have been super popular and with good reason. These durable non-marking stops give you a big stopping surface which means you will stop fast without marking your track. These are also the stops that come standard on Antik AR1 and MG2 roller skates.

Over 40% Off yellow Penny Skateboard Decks!

We are over stocked on yellow Penny Decks, so for a limited time we've got more than 40% off yellow Penny Skateboard decks (deck only, not complete)! That brings these decks down from $79 to just $42, arguable the cheapest Penny decks in the world! 

Grab yours today and stay tuned for more discounts!

Yellow Penny Skateboard Deck

FiiK Electric Skateboards In Stock Now

We've got stock in of 3 of the FiiK electric skateboard range, the Big Daddy, the Stinger and the Gromet. These boards are stacks of fun and the bigger models can hit speeds of up to 32km/h while lasting for up to an hour on a single charge, so grab yourself a board and helmet and have fun wherever you skate! If there is a model you are after we don't have in stock, let us know, we can get it in.

FiiK Big Daddy Electric Skateboard - Lead BatteryFiiK Big Daddy Electric Skateboard - Lead Battery$950.00 FiiK Stinger Electric Skateboard - Lead BatteryFiiK Stinger Electric Skateboard - Lead Battery$799.00
FiiK Gromet Junior Electric Skateboard - Lead BatteryFiiK Gromet Junior Electric Skateboard - Lead Battery$400.00  


These FRF717A Longboard Wheels Have Arrived

These Wheels have arrived from the Powell wheel factory in the USA. With 36 years experience making wheels for your skateboards and longboards, these wheels are designed for freeriding and sliding based on the ultra high rebound core with an 80a pre-scrubbed outer. They are available in two sizes and two colours, we've got limited stock now with more coming soon! Check them out:

These FRF717 69.5mm 80a Freeride/Slide Wheels - GreenThese FRF717 69.5mm 80a Freeride/Slide Wheels - Green$83.95 These FRF717 69.5mm 80a Freeride/Slide Wheels - RedThese FRF717 69.5mm 80a Freeride/Slide Wheels - Red$83.95
These FRF717 74.5mm 80a Freeride/Slide Wheels - GreenThese FRF717 74.5mm 80a Freeride/Slide Wheels - Green$87.95 These FRF717 74.5mm 80a Freeride/Slide Wheels - RedThese FRF717 74.5mm 80a Freeride/Slide Wheels - Red$87.95


Ready for Christmas Skate Bargains?

Are you ready for some skatey Christmas deals? Watch this space, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow us on Twitter to get the latest deals as we release them!

So far this Christmas already we have the cheapest Penny skateboards on sale in Australia as far as we know, including Penny Organics and Marbles. We also have our Z-Flex and Stereo Wooden Vinyl Cruiser ranges on special with in stock boards once again, the cheapest in Australia that we have seen! If you've seen them cheaper at another Australian store, let us know!

Keep an eye out for more deals coming including shoes, skates, longboards, scooters, protectives, and everything in between as well as lots of new stock of everything!

Early Light Formula Bluey Wheels Ready To Go

Stacks of stock of Early's Light Formula Bluey Wheels has arrived! Last Christmas these 69mm, 83a longboard wheels were the top of everybody's shopping list and they ran out Australia wide with none available for months. We've made sure that we have plenty of stock to last your holiday shredding!

Early Skateboards Light Blueys 69mm Skateboard Wheels

Code Helmets Are Here

Code Helmets have arrived. These price-point helmets help you protect your head in style at a price that won't break the bank. These helmets meet Australian safety requirements and have been designed with scooting in mind. Available with gloss and matte options in one size with 3 pad sets to customise the fit, sizing is easy for the average noggin 54cm to 58 cm around.

Glossy Code Helmets

Code Black Certified HelmetCode Blue Certified HelmetCode Purple Certified HelmetCode White Certified HelmetCode Tread Head Certified Helmet

Matte Code Helmets

Code Team Black Certified HelmetCode Team White Certified Helmet

New Blue and Green Bear 852 Longboard Trucks Coming Soon

Coming soon, the new Bear Grizzly 852 longboard trucks in Soylent Green and Tequila Blue!

Soylent Green and Tequila Blue Bear Trucks

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