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Our physical shop will be closed Tuesday November 6 through to Friday November 9. We will be processing online orders as fast as possible, however some short delays may be experienced. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Triple 8 Certified Helmets Available Now

Triple 8 Certified helmets are now available to order online and come in 6 different colours. These helmets are based on Triple 8's popular brainsaver helmet but feature the necessary shape changes and inner liner required to meet AS/NZ & CPSC bike safety certifications as well as ASTM skate safety certification.

Priced to match their standard helmets and available in 3 sizes, XS/S, S/M and L/XL they are a great choice if you need to use your helmet on a bike as well.

Triple Eight Brainsaver Black Certified HelmetTriple Eight Brainsaver Blue Certified HelmetTriple Eight Brainsaver Gun Metal Grey Certified HelmetTriple Eight Brainsaver Kelly Green Certified HelmetTriple Eight Brainsaver White Certified HelmetTriple Eight Brainsaver Purple Certified Helmet

The HEED XXL Helmet from Triple 8 is here

The Heed has arrived, the classic Triple 8 rubber helmet in XXL, designed to fit those people with big noggins where an XL just can't cut it!

It's available now in black/red rubber and white rubber with Triple 8's popular Sweatsaver liner for $79.95:

Triple Eight Brainsaver Black/Red Rubber HelmetTriple Eight Brainsaver White Rubber Helmet

Keep your head safe!

Who likes Rat Bones?

We do! Powell Peralta Rat Bones 2 wheels are in stock now in black and white in both 97a and park formula. Get on it today!

97a Rat Bones Wheels

Powell Peralta Rat Bones 2 Wheels - 60mm Black 97aPowell Peralta Rat Bones 2 Wheels - 60mm White 97a

PF Rat Bones Wheels

Powell Peralta Rat Bones 2 Wheels - 60mm Black PFPowell Peralta Rat Bones 2 Wheels - 60mm White PF

Wide Griptape for Longboards Is Here

In keeping with our commitment to bring you everything you need for longboarding, we've just got in our first shipment of Mini-Logo Black 10.5" Griptape and Vicious 10" Clear Griptape. Vicious griptape comes in packs of 3 10" x 11" pieces of griptape so you can place them in the spots you need the grip most. Mini-Logo Black griptape cames in bulk rolls, so we can sell it to you by the inch to get the length you need, or if you go through a lot of grip, we can do you a big discount on a bulk roll! Check them out below and keep an eye out for more longboarding gear to come!

Mini-Logo Black 10.5" 60' Bulk Roll of GriptapeMini-Logo Black 10.5" 60' Bulk Roll of Griptape$149.00 Mini-Logo Black 10.5" GriptapeMini-Logo Black 10.5" Griptape$0.28 Vicious 10" Clear GriptapeVicious 10" Clear Griptape$25.00


Etnies and Emerica Shoes Starting To Arrive with the Number Mid and Laced Styles

We've got shoes starting to come in for the first time from Etnies and Emerica.

The first two styles through the door are the Etnies Number Mid Black and the Emerica Laced Brown and Red Shoes.

We have limited stock in both styles so grab yours today and keep an eye out for more shoes from these two iconic skate brands over the coming months!

Etnies Number Mid Shoes - Black RastaEmerica Laced Shoes - Brown and Red

Freeride Slide Gloves From Lush and Loaded Are Here

As part of our expanding longboard range, we've just gotten stock of Lush Freeride Slide Gloves and Loaded Freeride Slide Gloves. Both of these brands feature palm, finger and thumb pucks on tough gloves designed to take a beating!

Check them out below and click the pictures for more info:

Loaded Freeride Slide Gloves v6Loaded Freeride Slide Gloves v6$75.00 Lush Freeride Slide GlovesLush Freeride Slide Gloves$68.00


Penny Marble and Nickel Marble Skateboards Coming Soon

Penny has just let us know about their new range of Penny Skateboards, the new Penny Marbles! Inspired by marbles, these boards feature colours swirled through their main colour, and no two decks are exactly the same pattern. These boards are due to arrive at the end of the month and come in both Penny and Nickel sizes in 2 colours!

The colours are white/red swirl, yellow/black swirl, white/green swirl and yellow/red swirl:

Penny Marble Colours

Check out the video below featuring these new boards and keep an eye out for them, stock arriving soon!

Raw and Purple Funk Caliber Longboard Trucks Are Here

Raw Silver and Purple Funk Caliber Longboard Trucks have arrived in store now and we have more colours on the way! 

Purple Funk is here in the fourty four 10" model and Raw is here in all 3 models, fourty four 10", fifty 10" and fifty 9".

Haven't tried them yet? These trucks are optimised for carving, featuring ultra-high rebound 89a bushings in a barrel/cone combination on the 10" models and double cone combination on the 9" models.

Check them out below and grab yourself a set for your longboard today, or stay tuned for more colours!

Caliber Fifty Raw 10" TrucksCaliber Fifty Raw 9" TrucksCaliber Fourty Four Raw 10" TrucksCaliber Fourty Four Purple Funk 10" Trucks

Z-Flex P.O.P - Pacific Ocean Pier Series Coming Soon

The latest range from Z-Flex Skateboards, the new P.O.P (Pacific Ocean Pier) series takes it back to the roots with gnarly spray graphic decks from a time in Venice Beach when skateboarding was in it's infancy. These boards are due to arrive at the end of the month!

Check out the video below featuring the legendary Jay Adams!

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