Fresh Stock of the New Jay Adams Z-Flex Range is Here

We've just received in new stock of the new range of Jay Adams completes from Z-Flex including the Glow in the Dark, Tie Dye and Black/Green models. These boards are selling fast, so get in quick!

Jay Adams Black and Green Z-Flex CompleteJay Adams Tie Dye Complete Z-Flex SkateboardJay Adams Glow In The Dark Complete Skateboards

New Stock From Hubba and Lucky!

We got in fresh stock from Hubba and Lucky this week, mainly wheels and bushings, along with hardware and more Jessup griptape!

New Hubba wheels now in stock:

  1. 52mm Glow in the Dark Nightlights
  2. 53mm Spaceballs
  3. 52mm Thin Crusts
  4. 50mm Ravers
  5. 51mm Rasta Riders

Hubba Nightlights Wheels - 52mmHubba Spaceballs Wheel - 53mmHubba Thin Crusts Wheels - 52mmHubba Ravers Wheels - 50mmHubba Rasta Riders Wheels - 51mm

New Lucky bushings now in stock:

  1. Soft Bushings
  2. Medium Bushings
  3. Hard Bushings
  4. Soft Kegs
  5. Hard Kegs

Other new stock:

We've also got in new stock of Hubba's neon 1" hardware and plenty more Jessup griptape.

Hubba Neon Mounting Bolts

Jessup Griptape

Bob Burnquist Mega Fakie to Fakie 900 Video

Check out the vid below from of Bob Burnquist pulling the first ever mega fakie to fakie 900!

Jay Adams Tie Dye and Glow in the Dark Completes Just Arrived

We just got in a delivery today with fresh stock of the new Tie Dye and Glow in the Dark colourways of the Jay Adams Z-Flex completes. These boards look stunning and are selling fast at our current price of $178.95! The Glow in the Dark model especially is pretty sick!

Check them out and get in quick while we've got them in stock!

We've also just received in fresh stock of bearings including Bones Reds, Bones Super Reds, Bones Ceramic Super Reds, Bones Speed Cream and we've also got in Ricta White Natural wheels.

Jay Adams Tie Dye Complete Z-Flex SkateboardJay Adams Glow In The Dark Complete Skateboards

Chad Bartie Hits the Theeve Mini Ramp at the Theeve Warehouse

Vid by Jeff Zimmerman of Chad Bartie on the Theeve mini ramp, check it below:

Skate Competition at Ramp Attak

Drawing Boards, Ramp Attak and Concrete Lines have started up what is planned to be an annual skate competition with the first event being the 11th of September this year.

Green and Yellow Z-Flex Longboards Just Arrived

We've just received in fresh stock of a number of green and yellow Z-Flex Longboard models. We've also gotten in more Z-Flex 14mm riser pads. We've also got in stock blue, black and orange Z-Flex Longboards.

Green Z-Flex LongboardsYellow Z-Flex Longboards

Z-Flex Riser Pads

Dropp'n Hammers 2010 Skate Comp

On Friday the 1st of October 2010 head down to St Ives Skate Park in St Ives Sydney for the 2010 Dropp'n Hammers skate and scooter competition.

Youth Central SA Skate Competition

Youth Central SA are running a skate comp on the 19th of September at Regency Skate Park. Full details and flyer are below, or check out their Facebook page for more info!

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