Crazy Skates 718 Recreational Inline Skates Review

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Brief History

Crazy 718 Inline SkatesThe Crazy 718 inline skate replaces the Crazy 700 inline skate. The new boot is tougher and more comfortable at the same time. The biggest difference visually is the colour, the new 718 is grey, white and gold. Spec wise though it picked up faster bearings and bigger wheels.

Similar To

  • Softec Vision - $159
  • Rollerblade Spark 80 Alu - $199
  • Rollerblade Spark 80 Alu W - $199

These skates are aimed at the entry level adult recreational skating market.


  • Price: $149
  • Boot: Semi-soft MAXFit (white/grey/gold) with rapid-laces
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Brake: Single brake on right skate (removable)
  • Wheels: 80mm urethane
  • Bearings: 8mm ABEC 7 (608)
  • Australian owned
  • Made in Singapore

My Thoughts

Compared to the other inline skates at the entry level recreational market, the Crazy 718's are one of the best value for money. In terms of specs, they are comparable or lower specced than the skates they are competing with from Softec and Rollerblade, but at the cheaper price tag, that's not something I'd complain about.


The boot is quite comfortable but has a very firm fit around the ankles due to the rigid outer that makes this skate quite tough. The rigid outer will be a bit off putting to people that can already skate well, but if you are just starting out it gives excellent support. The boot is in my opinion more comfortable than the Softec Vision except for this firmness around the ankle but less comfortable than the Rollerblade Spark.

The boot has a rapid lace system that works very well. It is actually one of the easiest to use on the market. Just pull the laces up then press the lever down to lock it in. There is a velcro piece to wrap the excess laces around and stick them to the boot, out of the way. Once the laces are done up there is a velcro strap to pull your ankle to the back of the boot and a standard buckle around the top of the boot. The buckle is one of the sturdiest I have seen at this level of skate.

The rigid frame and heavy duty buckle do add weight, which contribute to these skates being one of the heaviest skates at this level.

Frame and Brake

The wheel frame is heavy duty aluminium and is quite thick. As a result, it is quite heavy compared to the thinner frames used by other brands. The flip side of this is that it is also quite sturdy and will stand up better to heavier riders, and harder skating.

They come with one brake which is mounted on the right skate as standard. It is removable though and the frame on both skates can take the brake so you can swap it to the other foot or take it off altogether. The bolt through the rear wheel that the brake is attached to is slightly longer than the one without a brake though so if you swap it over you will need to swap the bolt over too. If you would rather remove it altogether, then there is a spare bolt included that is shorter so you don't have wobble in the wheel.


The ABEC 7 bearings on the Crazy 718's are a nice upgrade from the ABEC 5 bearings that were on the previous model, the 700. This brings it into line with the caliber of bearing used on comparable models. They do not perform as well as the SG7 bearings on the Rollerblade Spark skates, but they do roll well.


The 718's now feature soft 80mm urethane wheels that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The increased size over the previous Crazy 700 helps maintain momentum and gives a greater overall top speed, especially when combined with the improved bearings.


I found the Crazy 718 inline skates to be a worthy competitor at the entry level recreational inline skate market. Priced slightly below the competitors but in many ways also specced below them. These skates can't compete with the Rollerblade model, but when compared to the more expensive Softec, they each have their advantages. The Crazy's would be my pick for the beginner skater or the heavier skater. They are sturdy skates that have been designed and built for those just getting into skating but not wanting to scrimp on quality.

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